English Courses for Children and Seniors in Pula

During 2021, Lota’s Box will, with the financial support of the City of Pula, implement two English learning programs: Jump in English for the youngest and English for pensioners for the elderly. The programs will be implemented in accordance with the epidemiological situation, and are free of charge for participants.
Jump into English is an innovative program for beginners learning English for children with developmental challenges, designed by English and French professor Dubravka Mikić, who has been working in Pula for many years. With the use of Jumping Clay in 10 hours of language learning classes, participants will improve their social skills, fine motor skills, creativity, concentration and self-confidence.
Jumping Clay is the perfect material for 3D modeling, the softest and lightest clay in the world is easy to shape and air dry. Jumping Clay clay develops creativity, concentration and self-confidence in children.
For retirees, Pula co-finances a 20-hour English learning program: in addition to learning the basics of English, it is an opportunity for retirees to socialize and spend their free time interestingly

StressLess Erasmus+ Sport project

StressLess project  cofunded by Erasmus+ Sport will use Education Through Sport (ETS) methodologies for stress management and mindfulness in order to contribute to an active and inclusive society. Selected topic of Promoting ETS with special focus on skills development for stress management and mindfulness has a crucial importance effecting people’s social, economic, professional and personal wellbeing and success. As for the Sport policy of the European Comission this project will support the sport and society dimension in particular social inclusion via skills development of coaches/trainers/educators/youth workers in ETS. Target group of coaches/trainers/educators/youth workers are in the urgent need to develop their skills and exchange good practices with international colleagues on sport based methods for stress and crisis management, anxiety and burnout prevention.


Project last 18 months, starting 1st. January 2021, ending 30th June 2022.

3 project meetings  will be organized with additional quarterly web meetings necessary for project management and good practice exchange. The produced outcome will be a collection of videos of ETS activities for stress management and mindfulness. 30 short videos will be created showcasing sport and physical practices for healthy habits establishment.

Materials, documents and media produced will be freely available after the end of the project. All documents and data collected under StressLess will be available on the website. The data will be available through an open access system so that the professional, partners and community can access the data and use it in the production of reports and materials. Video human library will be available for interested stakeholders and external organisations and individuals: 30 short videos showcasing sport and physical practices for healthy habits establishment related to stress management and mindfulness. Once the YouTube channel and the video human library are finalized the partners will implement them in their daily work and will continue using them after the project’s end date. The project results and impact will be announced also  and linked to the online Erasmus+ dissemination platform.